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Birthmarks are common irregularities on the skin. They act as identification marks but at times become a reason for low esteem. Birthmarks rarely fade away with time; they may stay the same or may even increase in size. Birthmarks can be at any part of your body. They can easily be removed with laser treatment for birthmark.  Birthmark removal with laser is the best option in dermatology to get rid of unpleasant birthmarks for better.

If you are someone who is bothered with their birthmarks and looking for one of the Delhi’s best birthmark removal clinic then contact us. You can get to know your birthmark type and treatment process below.

There are two varieties of birthmarks:

  1. Vascular: They are caused as a result of an abnormal blood vessel under the skin imparting a red, pink, or purplish blemish. Variants:
  • Strawberry mark (Hemangioma) : Hemangiomas or Red Birthmark are superficial when they’re on the surface of the skin (“strawberry marks”), deep when found below the skin’s surface, and compound when they affect both layers. A hemangioma can be slightly raised and bright red. Get effective red birthmark treatment in Delhi at our clinic.

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    • Port-wine stain (Nevus flammeus): These discolorations look like wine was spilled on an area of the body, most often on the face, neck, arms, or legs. Port-wine stains can be any size, tend to grow and darken over time. Portwine stain treatment in Delhi can be easily done by our USFDA approved lasers.
    • Stork bite (Nevus flammeus nuchae): A stork bite is a common type of birthmark seen in a newborn. It is most often temporary. 


    1. Pigmented: The cause of this type of birthmark is cluster formation of pigment cells which in turn impart brown color to the skin. Variants:
    • Nevus of Ota: It is a condition where abonormal bluish or brownish hyperpigmentation It is found only on the face and eyes. Nevus of OTA treatment in Delhi at Tvak Laser Clinic have successful life changing results. You can see some of the results in our gallery section..
    • Mongolian spot (Dermal melanocytosis): These are flat, bluish-gray patches are often found on the lower back or buttocks.
    • Mole (Congenital melanocytic nevus): Mole is a general term for brown spots called nevi (NEE-vye). Most people get moles at some point in life. You can have mole removal in Delhi done quite quickly at our centres.
    • Becker’s nevus: Becker’s nevus is a non-cancerous, large, brown birthmark occurring mostly in males. It can be present at birth, but is usually first noticed around puberty.
    • Cafe au lait spot: These very common spots are the color of coffee with milk, which explains the name. They can be anywhere on the body and sometimes increase in number


    If you have found the one you have or if not, visit the clinic for free consultation and understand the right course of action for your birthmark removal with us.

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