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We all know different individuals have different body types, genes, habits, BMI and lifestyles. When it comes to losing and gaining weight, the same factors come into play.

Since one size doesn’t fit to all, so to overcome this issue and help people to become fit, Tvak Laser Clinic offers the amazing fat freezing treatment of cryolipolysis. Along with the treatment, a diet plan from a well-trained dietician are available at Tvak Laser Clinic. We provide you with the best and personalized experience. If you are worried about cryolipolysis cost in Delhi, at Tvak Laser Clinic we ensure to provide you cost effective treatment and big discounts on packages.

Treatment Process:

Cryolipolysis is popularly known as the cool sculpting in Delhi. It is a phenomenal procedure for people looking for weight loss. In this treatment, the subcutaneous fat layer freeze at a higher temperature than any other tissue. With the help designated device cold waves are induced at target body parts. At a specific temperature of -5℃, crystallization of fat cells occurs in the body


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    The process is based on the simple principle of cooling and freezing the fat cells. Our skin, muscle and nerve tissue freezing temperature is lower than the fat tissue which is around -5 degrees Celsius. Since the fat cells are particularly sensitive to cold temperature as compared to our skin and other structures so it is ensured that only subcutaneous fat tissue is targeted. The frozen fat cells are destroyed in this treatment and the residue is passed out from the body with help of the lymphatic system. Once these cells are flushed out they wouldn’t reappear.


    Benefits of Cryolipolysis:

    1. Ability to treat various parts
    2. Targeted fat loss
    3. Easily used on any location
    4. Faster weight loss
    5. Non-Surgical and painless procedure
    6. Zero Downtime Involved

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