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TVAK Laser Clinic is a renowned clinic in the heart of Vasant Vihar, South Delhi. Our clinic is led by dermatologists Dr. S.K Kashyap (MBBS, MD) and Dr.Jaishree Noor (MBBS, MD). They both have over 18 years of experience and work with the aim that every client is a patient to them so they ensure that any treatment is suggested only after careful observation.

Our clinic is equipped with FDA-approved, and top-grade technologies that give the most effective results. We aim to provide you with healthier skin, hair, and body through a holistic and personalized approach.

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My experience was good with the doctor

The treatment was done by her was really effective for me. Tvak skin & laser clinic is very good I'll do recommend my friends too if they need.

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mansi tyagi

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Very friendly staff and Doctor

I am taking treatment for my skin pigmentation from here,am very happy with the result. Thank u Dr Jaishree...Very friendly staff and Doctor. Highly recommended...

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magadh darbar

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My Skin Problem was solved in a single visit. Dr. S. K. Kashyap

My Skin Problem was solved in a single visit. Dr. S. K. Kashyap do the diagnosis and treatment in very professional way. I recommend This Clinic to all. Clinic staff behaviour is polite and professional. Thanks

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Kameshwar Tiwari

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I am so happy with the results

I recently had laser skin pigmentation removal treatment at Tvak Laser Clinic in Vasant Vihar. I am so happy with the results - I can already notice such a difference in my skin tone. I feel more confident and comfortable going out and have been complimented by family and friends on how much better I look. Many thanks to the wonderful Dr. Jaishree Noor !!!

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Atish Kumar

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Great Experience

Great Experience I'm taking fat reduction treatment and after 6,7 sessions amazing results clinic manager nisha is really very helpful person and dr Jayshree every time available to help tnx tvak staff and dr recommended all my friends and relatives..

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Dinesh Sikarwar

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I get very good result

I am writing this review after two session of laser hair removal from tvak clinic... I get very good result... The doctor & staff is good.. And specially thanks to technician who carried out session.. I recommend go for it if you want to get rid from unwanted hair...

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Ashu Trivedi

We Are Always Ready For You.


Satisfied Patients

We have 1M+ Satisfied Patients. Patient satisfaction is the extent to which patients are happy with their healthcare, both inside and outside of the doctor's office.

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Our Doctors

Our Dermatologists

Dr. Jaishree Noor (Dermatologist)

MBBS, MD – Dermatology, Venereology & Leprosy
14 Years Experience

Dr. S.K Kashyap (Dermatologist)

MBBS, MD – Dermatology, Venereology & Leprosy
14 Years Experience

Trust Us To Help You & Make Your Skin And Body Well Again.

Our Treatments

Our Exclusive Procedures

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Laser Hair Removal

If you are eyeing for the finest solution for undesirable body hair, laser hair removal is the best choice at Tvak Laser Clinic. Millions of males and females are turning to the laser hair removal to attain smooth gorgeous and smooth skin.

laser tattoo remove

Tattoo Removal

If you regret a tattoo on your body that once you used to love, you can turn to laser tattoo removal at Tvak Laser Clinic. Laser tattoo removal is growing in popularity as progressively more patients realize its safety and effectiveness in eradicating undesirable tattoos.

scar treatement icon

Acne Scar Treatment

You can now boost your confidence by saying goodbye to acne scars with the assistance of the acne scat treatment options at Tvak Laser Clinic. We offer a comprehensive array of acne scars treatments for the removal of nasty scars.

Vitiligo Surgery icon

Vitiligo Surgery

Vitiligo can be a real problem for people who have it. If you wish to get rid of this problem, you can turn to Tvak Laser Clinic for effective and safe vitiligo surgery. We use cutting-edge laser technology NB-UVB-UVA for vitiligo treatment.

laser treatment

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is an effective, efficient, and painless long-term solution for getting rid of unwanted hair. Laser hair removal at TVAK Laser Clinic can be performed on any part of the body that has unwanted hair except the area near the eye. We use Light Sheer desire, a top-grade FDA approved laser. After the first successful procedure, the hair growth will start falling gradually over the next few sessions. To avail the finest laser hair removal in Vasant Vihar visit us today.


Acne Scar Treatment

Acne or skin breakouts pop out of your skin and make your skin look dull and pale. They are very disappointing as they leave scars on the face even after they are completely gone. It is an annoying condition but fortunately, there are various ways to treat acne and its scars at TVAK Laser Clinic. If you are struggling with keeping your skin clean, reach out to us for an effective solution. We offer some of the best treatments for acne scar removal in Delhi.

anti aging

Pigmentation Removal

Are you sick and fatigued of being stuck with spotty skin perforated with dark patches and spots all over it? Do not worry, this is a fairly common problem and can be solved perpetually once you find the right pigmentation treatment. You can catch on to the best laser pigmentation removal in Delhi at Tvak Skin & Laser Clinic, Vasant Vihar, South Delhi. The clinic offers the most reasonable laser pigmentation treatment cost and the techniques are carried out by the best dermatologist for pigmentation removal.


Slimming Program

“Health is wealth” is an all-time true phrase. And, so choosing between being fit and healthy over anything else is always a preferred choice but is it not easy for each one of us to get started on that journey and keep on going to achieve that goal. Despite knowing what is better for us, it becomes difficult to lose weight – A long hectic commitment involving a strict diet, heavy exercise, and long-term money investment that gives results in years. But what if you kick-start your journey from being slim, you might be able to easily transit into healthy habits. Here comes a way for all of us – an advanced and non-surgical Slimming Program in South Delhi at Tvak Laser Clinic for those looking for safer and faster fat loss.

Laser tattoo removal treatment session on patient, using picosecond technology, to break down tattoo ink into smaller particles. At a beauty and skincare clinic for aesthetic lasers.

Tattoo Removal

We all love flaunting those quirky tattoos on our hands, legs, or maybe back. The more we are excited in the beginning about showing it off in our social circle, the sooner we get bored of it. In the long run, a permanent tattoo on our body tends to become a reason for awkwardness and can even hinder career growth. Worry not for we have the best treatment for laser tattoo removal in Vasant Vihar to wipe off your past choices. We use Q-Switch Laser by Lumenis which is the top laser for tattoo removal. The process is painless, gives better outcomes with rare possibilities of scarring.


Birthmark Removal

BIRTHMARK REMOVAL: Living with birthmarks is difficult. They are not harmful, but they do affect your appearance. Before undergoing any procedure, you must always consider the experience and expertise of the specialist. At TVAK Skin & Laser Clinic, we have adept dermatologists to take over your case. We will examine your birthmark and offer you the right piece of advice along with the required line of treatment. We have experience of handling different types of birthmarks and with such a wide experience, we assure you to provide you the best birthmark removal treatment in Vasant Vihar.

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